Welcome to Bikram Hot Yoga Valencia – La Finca Roja!

Bikram yoga is a 90 minutes class consisting of 26 postures. It is open to all levels of practitioners. The sequence of 26 postures was scientifically designed to systematically and progressively work every muscle, ligament, tendon and joint in your body. The studio is heated to 105°F/40°C to help loosen the joints and improve the elasticity of the muscles, which allows for safer and deeper stretching. It also promotes sweating, resulting in an amazing detoxification. Click on the “Yoga Bikram” tab for more information.
In order to take a class – No need to reserve in advance, just show up at least 20 minutes before class so you have enough time to register. You will need yoga clothes, two towels (one large to put on your mat and one to shower with) and a large bottle of water. You can rent towels and buy a bottle of water at reception. We also sell women’s and men’s yoga clothes. We provide mats (Iniciacion Offer only) but you are welcome to bring your own. All students are expected to complete the full 90 minute class without leaving the room.

The door center open 30 minutes before each class, there are no registration or matriculation fees.
We recommend not to eat anything 2 to 3 hours before the class, come hydrated, drink 1.5L mínimum during the day before the class.
Click on tab “The first time” for more information

We are situated at 400 metres from PLAZA DE ESPAÑA en calle Marva 11, next door to the red brick building from 1930´s La Finca Roja. We are 10 minutes walk from the AVE trains station or the EL NORTE trains station.
Metro Plaza de España / Metro Belen – Parking calle Marva 5 / Albacete 13 


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