Bikram challenge in 30 days

hormiga tronco 

The goal of the 30-day Bikram challenge is to do 30 Bikram classes en 30 days….

The physical and mental benefits of the 30-day challenge are extraordinary…..Bikram Choudhoury, even recommended the 60 days challenge to get know the practice.


How does it work?
  •  You can start the challenge at any time during the year.
  • The 30 classes must be done in 30 days…if you want to “double up” classes (do 2 classes in 1 day) on certain days, feel free to do so!
  • A class is only validated if you do it in its entirety, that is in 90 minutes.
  • A valid membership is required to take part in the challenge;
  • Be sure to write on the recepción board all the classes that you have taken….it’s your responsibility!
  • You can take up as many challenges as you want, there is no limit.

The advantages

  • 2 free passes that will allow 2 non-members to discover Bikram yoga
  • A free mat rental during the all reto
  • 1 free t-shirt or one towel
  • 1 certificate
  • Your name and photo on the studio Facebook page (with your authorisation)
Please note that we have aswell 60 and 100 days challenge ask at recepción to find out how to register.