The majority of people who do Bikram Yoga do it because they are looking for a physical activity that allows you to maintain good health, get in shape and get rid of daily stress.

Physical and mental benefits

There are many benefits from doing Bikram Yoga regularly and diligently, for example:
  • Learn to breathe fully and consciously.
  • Tone and reinforce all muscles.
  • Lose weight and give you a proportionate body.
  • Strengthen ligaments and joints and prevent injury, especially for athletes.
  • Realign and strengthen the spinal column as well as reduce back pain.
  • Detoxify the body.
  • Reduce stress and nervous tensions.
  • Stimulate all body systems (immune, nervous, digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, hormonal…) to promote a mind and body connection.
  • Improve concentration, determination, patience and stamina.
  • Regain a high level of energy, sleep soundly and regulate your appetite.
  • Improve skin tone and skin firmness due to natural skin exfoliation that occurs during sweating.