The essencial before during after the class

Disciplines to Obtain for an optimal practice:

Breath Control

Apart from the first and last breathing exercises, breathe in and out throughout the nose. Breathe calmly, smoothly and continually – never holding your breath.
Think about the breath at all times, before during and after each postures. This habit can take its time – especially during your first weeks, when you are learning the basic mechanics of the postures.
But in time your breath control will improve enabling a stronger and deeper practice.


The yoga is not a competition. If you focus purely on how far you can go into a posture, you will most likely lose the proper alignment of the posture. There will always be others students more advanced in the room. Dont take notice of them, and focus on yourself . It is the quality of the alignment which allows you to progress in the postures, improving your body and thus obtaining all the yoga benefices. What matters is you and your body not anybody else’s.

Stillness between postures

When coming out of a posture, bring yourself to a total stillness, with a calm and smooth breath. Don’t fidget, move around, or wipe sweat. Fidgeting not only distracts others, it stimulates your sympathetic nervous system, promoting a ‘fight or flight’ response. This is great when on the rugby pitch or sprinting for the finishing line – but not wanted here. Stillness is the key to gaining a calm and focused mind, your ability to listen to your body and your ability to push yourself to your edge.

Stay in the room during the whole class

A focussed mind is an important part of Bikram Yoga. Though each student maintain concentration on his own exercise, when the group is working as one, the effect provides an amazing group energy that benefits everyone.
Leaving the room is very distracting to others and has a negative effect on the group energy. It especially more difficult for a less experienced student, who can be easily distracted.
Don´t forget to go to the bathroom before the class. If you can hold, try not to leave the room during the postures but in between them. Ensure you let know the teacher you need to go to the bathroom. Same thing when you walk back in the room, wait until the posture is finish to walk back.

Empty stomach and Hydrated

Do not eat anything 2 to 3 hours before class. Come awell well hydrated – It is recommended to drink about 1.5 litres of water during the day prior your class. You will sweat a lot during class so being hydrated is very important.

Injuries / Medical condition

If you have any medical conditions or injuries please advise the teacher before class.
Never push yourself further than the pain you are feeling – If you have pain, it is a message from your body saying ‘ease off’. Bikram Yoga can help to cure any pain, but only if you are capable to listen what your body is telling you.