What is Bikram Yoga ?

Birkam Yoga is a dynamic series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises that last 90 minutes and are done in a hot room. The series of postures and breathing exercises were scientifically developed to work the entire body (muscles, tendons, ligaments, organs, body systems). Each posture leads into the next. At the end of the class, the body is stimulated, strengthened and detoxified.

Why is the room heated to 40° (104 F°)?

The heat allows the body to warm up more rapidly and thus allows safer and deeper stretching of the muscles. The heat causes the body to perspire prorfusely which detoxifies the body. The heat increases blood circulation thus optimising cardiovascular functioning and oxygenation of the body.

What happens if I can’t tolerate the heat ?

The first time, the heat may appear to be overwhelming and very difficult to tolerate especially during the middle of the class; don’t worry, that’s normal! Don’t hesitate to sit down, remain calm, and continue doing the series once you feel better; very soon, you will find the heat is indispensable and you will feel it when the room is not sufficiently heated. Keep in mind that the heat goes hand in hand with doing Bikram Yoga.

I’ve never done Yoga before and I’m not very athletic. Am I capable of doing Bikram Yoga?

Of course! The series was developed for beginners. Each class has the same sequence of the 26 postures, always in the same order, no matter what the level, whether it is your first time or whether you’ve been doing it for years. The important thing is to do each posture correctly and with good body alignment. The speed of your progress will depend on how regularly you do it, but you will improve! And without a doubt, you will improve more quickly than you could have imagined!

How often should I do it to feel the benefits ?

Ideally, we recommend that you practice 3 times a week, so that you don’t let more than 2 or 3 days elapse between each class, and thus to build up on what you have done before. In the beginning, especially when you’re not yet physically fit, try to do it at least twice a week.

What should I bring with me ?

Your Yoga attire, a bottle of water and 2 towels (1 as a mat, 1 for the shower). You can rent towels and mats and buy water on the premises. 

What should I wear during class?

Women generally wear shorts, a sports bra and a t-shirt or tank top. Men generally wear shorts or a bathing suit (“Speedos”). You should wear material such as Lycra rather than cotton, as cotton is much heavier when it’s wet and humid. The important thing is to wear something loose, (or flexible if it is more form-fitting) and comfortable so that you can move around easily. Don’t forget that you will be sweating a lot!

Should I eat or drink before class?   

Drink water before class; the more hydrated you are, the easier it will be to perspire. According to doctors, a sedentary person needs about 2 litres of water a day. Don’t hesitate to drink more the days you are doing Bikram Yoga.
We strongly recommend that you do Bikram Yoga on an empty stomach, so do not eat 2 hours before class.

Will Bikram Yoga help me lose weight ?

Yes! Like all physical activities, Bikram Yoga will help you slim down. The important thing is to do it frequently (at least twice a week) and regularly (every week).

Should I be physically fit to do Bikram Yoga ?

No! Doing Bikram Yoga on a regular basis will help you get back in shape. The important thing is to do it at your own pace and to do what you can when you are doing the class. It’s by doing it on a regular basis that your body will (little by little) improve, strengthen and become more flexible. If you get easily out of breath, your lung capacity will increase over time.

I don’t feel comfortable about my body and I feel self-conscious wearing a bathing suit in front of others. Is Bikram Yoga suitable for me?

Of course it is! Bikram Yoga is not the type of activity where students come with an attitude or prejudice. The objective is to do something that is good for you and your body, no matter what your body looks like, how it has been taken care of in the past, your profession, your age, your race, skin color or sexual orientation.

Are there any medical contraindications ?

If you have serious health problems, particularly heart disease, we strongly advise that you consult a doctor first (as is the case for any physical activity that increases your heart rate). If you have an injury or if you’re pregnant, it is imperative that you let your teacher know when you register for class.