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  About Razor

Learn more about who we are and get to know the Razor team.

Razor is a clean, modern design with a focus on content. Add BuddyPress or bbPress to create community functionality. With or without social plugins, Razor is one of the most powerful WordPress themes available.

Theme Features
  • Dynamic content customization.
  • Powerful admin options.
  • Responsive design for mobile.
  • Retina (HiDPI) device support.
  • BuddyPress ready community sites.
  • bbPress ready forums.
  • White label admin interface.
  • Contact form builder.
  • Drag & drop layout manager.
  • Video tutorials.
  • Support you can trust.
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Making a company strong is about finding the right resources, tools and partnerships. We found the right partner in Razor and it made all the difference. It can only be described as as match made in heaven. We learn our most valuable lessons from our customers. We don’t just listen to them, we really work to understand what they need to find solutions to the problems they don’t even have yet.