Insert a series of images and descriptions using the portfolio shortcode.

[hr] [portfolio post_type=»page» post_parent=»1002″ content_width=»649″ image_ratio=»3:2″ columns=»4″ paging=false posts_per_page=»4″ orderby=»rand» order=»ASC»]

Portfolio from Categories

[code][portfolio category=»7,8,9″ columns=»4″ content_width=»926″ image_ratio=»4:3″][/code]


(string) The category ID’s to pull portfolio items from. Can be entered as a comma separated list.
(integer) (Optional) The number of columns to create. Default: 3
(integer) (Required) The area available for portfolio columns to display. This is determined by the layout being used and must be entered.

[clear] Standard column widths:

  • Full width: 880
  • Half width: 420
  • One third width: 267
  • Two thirds width: 573
  • One fourth width: 190
  • Three fourth width: 649
(string) (Optional) The image ratio for image size. The image width is determined by the number of columns divided by the content area width. Image height is produced as a result of the image ratio. Default ratio is «3:2» (w:h).

Any ratio can be used.
[clear] Common ratios:

  • 1:1
  • 2:1
  • 3:2
  • 4:3
  • 16:9
(string) (Optional) Image links to the post/page or lightbox full size image. Values «post», «lightbox». (Default: lightbox)
(string) (Optional) Include the title for the item. «Yes» to include title. Exclude field for no title.
(string) (Optional) Include the excerpt for each item. «Yes» to include excerpt. Exclude field for no excerpt.
(integer) (Optional) The length of the excerpt, number of words to display.
(integer) (Optional) The number of items to display on each page.
(string) (Optional) Designates the ascending or descending order of the “orderby” parameter. Values: ASC, DESC (default)
(string) (Optional) Sort posts by. (see details at end of page)
(bool) (Optional) Enable paging. (true/false)
(int) (Optional) An optional value for the horizontal margin between portfolio items.
[clear] [clear]


Portfolio items from categories with paging and excerpt:

[portfolio category="7,8,9" excerpt="yes" paging="true"]

Portfolio Items from Pages

Portfolio items may also be generated from pages using a list of page ID’s or the child pages from a parent page ID.

Page Parameters

(string) (Required) Directs the query to use pages instead of posts. Must include the value «page».
(string) The page ID’s to include. Can be entered as a comma separated list.
(integer) (Optional) Show child pages of the selected parent. Similar to using a category for posts.
[clear] [clear]


Portfolio items from list of page ID’s:
[portfolio post_type="page" page_id="10,11,12"]
Portfolio items from child pages from parent page ID:
[portfolio post_type="page" post_parent="9"]
[hr] [clear]

Order and Orderby Parameters

(string) (Optional) Designates the ascending or descending order of the «orderby» parameter.

«ASC» – ascending order from lowest to highest values (1, 2, 3; a, b, c).
«DESC» – descending order from highest to lowest values (3, 2, 1; c, b, a).
(string) (Optional) Sort posts by.

‘none’ – No order.
‘id’ – Order by post id.
‘author’ – Order by author.
‘title’ – Order by title.
‘date’ – Order by date. (default)
‘modified’ – Order by last modified date.
‘parent’ – Order by post/page parent id.
‘rand’ – Random order.
‘comment_count’ – Order by number of comments
‘menu_order’ – Order by Page Order.


Display random posts:

[portfolio category="8" orderby="rand"]

Display popular posts:

[portfolio category="8" orderby="comment_count"]

Advanced Parameters

For advanced usage, you can add most parameters accepted by WP_Query . The shortcode can use any of these parameters which are string or an integer values. Arrays are not supported.

Example use of WP_Query s parameter used to return a query filtered by a search term.

(string) (Optional) Search string for filtering upon a given term.
(string) (Optional) Include or exclude categories. Prefix with a ‘-‘ (minus) sign to exclude.
(int) (Optional) Results by author id.
Many, many more…
See all WP_Query parameters.

Display posts based on search results:

[portfolio category="8" s="Lorem Ipsum"]

Display all posts except those from a category by prefixing its id with a ‘-‘ (minus) sign:

[portfolio cat="-8"]
[message_box type=»info» icon=»yes»]When you create video portfolio items you can specify the video size in the URL. For example, if adding the video: you could specify the width and height by entering [/message_box]